Quick Quiz 80

1. The Irish jay, the chough and the magpie are Irish birds which all belong to which family?

2. In their flags, New Zealand has four, China has five, Australia six. Ireland has none, although James Connolly wanted them included. What?

3. The Swiss Guard have responsibility for the Pope’s safety. But are they actually Swiss?

4. Britain has 40 towns which begin with the letter Z; Ireland has none. But it does have one town which contains the letter Z. Which is it?

5. There’s been a Patrick in the job, as well as a Maureen and a Merlin. Now it’s Shaun. Which position?

6. Ireland’s first major open-air rock concert — headlined by Thin Lizzy — was held in 1977 in which grounds?

7. Lee Oosterweghel is the director of which long-established Dublin institution (the third oldest in the world)?

8. Who was head of intelligence in the Irish Republican Army during the War of Independence?

9. In 1974, which British former Tory MP was elected Unionist MP for South Down?

10. The film Young Cassidy was based on the life of which Dublin writer?Click here for




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