Quick Quiz 82

1. How was the sportsman Martin Ruane better known?

2. In the Irish Defence Forces which rank comes after Lieutenant?

3, William Conor’s iconic painting was renamed Going To Church by Christie’s when it went on sale at the auction house. What was it originally called?

4. It was first presented in 1848 by the Young Ireland movement, adopted by Sinn Féin in the 1916 Uprising and recognised by the new Irish Government in 1922. What?

5. The Duke of Wellington and Charles Stewart Parnell were both MPs for which constituency?

6. Which Irishman succeeded John Masefield as British Poet Laureate?

7. In 1949 the External Relations Act was repealed and Ireland became a what?

8. Which play is based on an 1873 incident when Patrick Malley was killed by his son William Malley at Calla, a remote district of Errismore Co. Galway?

9. Which band had a hit with Summer In Dublin?

10. On which date is the feast of St. Brigid?




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