Quick Quiz 83

1. Some Experiences Of An Irish RM was written by Edith Somerville and who else?

2. What is a ciotog?

3. Where was Ireland’s first holiday camp set-up?

4. What was the name of the band which had a hit with Come On Eileen?

5. How was The Great Earl, one of those involved in The Flight in 1607, also known?

6. Who led the uprising in 1803?

7. What ill-fated Belfast project did William James Pirie design?

8. In 1985 whom did Barry McGuigan beat in London to win the World Featherweight Championship?

9. In 1953 cinema owners in Dublin unanimously decided not to show which film through fears that any such screening would lead to widespread damage to the cinemas?

10. This dog, reckoned to be the greatest greyhound in the history of the sport, was trained by a priest and named after an odd-job man. What was the name of the dog? answers



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