Quick Quiz 84

1. In which Sheridan play does Captain Absolute appear?

2. Which novel by a Dublin civil servant was originally The Undead?

3. What were the first names of Tandy, Russell and Wolfe Tone, the founders of the United Irishmen?

4. Which Belfast singer had hits with I’ll Come When You Call and Evermore?

5. Charles Stewart Parnell withdrew from parliament in protest over which war?

6. He was transferred from Derry for a record fee of £24,000 and is still regarded as Manchester United’s greatest ever goalkeeper. Who?

7. Who wrote and performed the one-man play The Importance Of Being Oscar in the Gaiety Theatre (1960)?

8. Seán MacBride, after failing for the second time to be re-elected to Dáil Éireann, quit politics to become chairman of which international body?

9. He was born exactly 50 years ago at Ballymacoll, Co. Meath and is regarded as the greatest steeplechaser ever. Who?

10. The remains of Sir Roger Casement were returned to Ireland in 1965. Where were they re-interred? answers



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