Quick Quiz 85

1. Beenkeragh (Kerry), Caher (Kerry) and Mount Brandon (Kerry) — what’s the significance of these three?

2. What is the longest river in Ireland after the Shannon?

3. In Old Measurement in Ireland, what did seven yards equal?

4. What are the names of the four living, retired Taoisigh?

5. English rule in Ireland was known as The Lordship of Ireland during which centuries?

6. Whose epitaph in St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin reads: “Where fierce indignation can no longer

Rend the heart.

Go, traveller, and imitate if you can

This earnest and dedicated

Champion of liberty.”

7. Fifty years ago a League of Ireland team took part in the European Cup (now the Champions League) for the first time losing to Manchester United 6-0. Who were the team?

8. What is the name of actress Maureen O’Sullivan’s actress daughter?

9. How is the Donegal singer Eithne ní Bhraonáin better known?

10. Since Victorian times, what stood in Dublin in the place where the Millennium Spire was subsequently built?

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