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Chris O'Dowd uses unique way to announce baby news
Chris O'Dowd did the Ice Bucket Challenge in his own funny way. When he was just recovering from his own challenge, he announced "I'd like to nominate baby O'Porter" with the camera moving to Dawn Porter pouring a little glass of ice water over her burgeoning bump.

Irish Ice Bucket Challenge fail goes viral
As the Ice Bucket challenge is heading around the globe, Teresina Bell became famous when her Ice Bucket Challenge became a viral sensation due to the epic mishap after taking the challenge.

Typical Irish Mammy videos an Ice Bucket Challenge
If any of you have an Irish mammy or Irish granny who is a complete luddite with no clue how to work a camera or camera phone, then you'll find this next Ice Bucket Challenge quite funny.

Google Dublin really got into the Ice Bucket Challenge
Google Dublin raised €6,105 for the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association. The whole company seems to have become involved.

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Rhubarb Buttermilk Bread
by Farmette Imen McDonnell

Rhubarb. Buttermilk. Bread. Pity it's already gone. Gone in 60 seconds style. I blame the hungry farmers. But, no worries, this loaf of rhubarb-buttermilk amazingness can be yours too.

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Irish Citizenship by Descent
Did you know that if one of your grandparents was born in Ireland, you may be able to obtain Irish citizenship? The Republic of Ireland does grant citizenship to applicants who can prove their descent from a grandparent born in Ireland.

Making a Research Trip To Ireland
If you plan to visit Ireland, I would encourage you to consider making a genealogical odyssey part of your experience of this beautiful and historical island.

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Old times
by Sam C Dyer


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by Gerry Molumby

Fox Military Family

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