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Each summer, I bake up a gaggle of strawberry-rhubarb tarts. I can’t resist because Irish strawberries are so ridiculously sweet and juicy, and you can’t beat the yields of homegrown rhubarb we have here in the garden. Inspired by Galway’s wild elixir guru, Claire Davey, I made my own wild rose water and wild rose simple syrup which I used to the glaze this pie. The flavour combination is really divine, this wild Irish rose, or rosa rugosa  is not perfumey, it has a rather delicate and sweet taste and fragrance which, to me, is a perfect pairing with the vibrant strawberry and tart rhubarb, of course all encased in a flaky shortcust pastry.

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Older than Ireland Tells the Story of 100 Years of Life
Thirty Irish men and women aged 100 or over tell the story of a hundred years of a life as seen through their eyes in the documentary OLDER THAN IRELAND directed by Alex Fegan (The Irish Pub) and produced by Element Pictures Distribution.

Saint Patricks Cathedral by Drone
Check out Saint Patrick's Cathedral from a different view point. Music by Saint Patrick's Cathedral Choir.

Global Irish Economic Forum 2015 to take place in November
The Global Irish Economic Forum will take place from November 19 to 21 and will bring together more than 300 leading Irish and Irish-connected figures from across the globe in Dublin to play their part in building on Ireland’s recovery.

Ireland to accept up to 4,000 refugees and migrants
Minister Fitzgerald further announced that the Government has agreed to establish a network of Emergency Reception and Orientation Centres established for the initial acceptance and processing of those in need of international protection who are accepted into Ireland under the EU Programmes.

The Presidential Distinguished Service Awards for 2015 announced
Actor Gabriel Byrne is among the recipients of the Presidential Distinguished Service Awards for the Irish Abroad for 2015. The Presidential Distinguished Service Awards recognise those who have served Ireland with distinction and those who have actively contributed to Ireland in a sustained manner.

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