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When I go to Ireland, I love to bake. It's an ideal way for me to relax - but it's also an opportunity to use high quality ingredients. Several weeks (sometimes months) before I travel, I begin researching recipes that will allow me to use produce that I know will be in season or ingredients that are otherwise special or unique - ingredients that are not always easily accessible to me at home in the U.S.

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Summer in Ireland
As many of you know, Irish weather can have four seasons in one day and this July, we are not seeing much sun at all. Many people are even complaining that they have had to light a fire. However, this has not stopped Michael Boyle of Actium Films from enjoying the summer in Ireland.

John Creedon’s Wild Atlantic Way remembers Forgotten Flight 923
It was a simple call out for stories about Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way from Irish RTÉ journalist John Creedon, who was making a hauntingly beautiful three part series about the longest defined coastal route in the world. He never expected to unearth an eye-witness account of the rescue of survivors from Flight 923, an American Military flight from New Jersey to Frankfurt which ditched in the Atlantic off the Irish West Coast on September 23rd.

Emmy eats Ireland
Emmymade in Japan is a YouTube channel where the host Emmy tastes foods from around the world. Her channel has over 77 million views and over 400,000 followers. Check out what she thinks of the Irish food that she has been sent.

Spectacular views of Kinnagoe Bay in Donegal
Using a DJI Phantom 3 drone, Sean Curran captured these amazing views of Kinnagoe Bay on the Inishowen peninsula in County Donegal.

Check travel advice before travelling abroad
Minister Flanagan of the Department of Foreign Affairs has asked holidaymakers to check the travel advice for their country of destination before travelling and to register their details with the Department.

The Auld Triangle
Liam Fitz shared this video of himself singing a cover of The Auld Triangle. He made the video for his sister in Australia.

Catholic parish registers in Ireland dating from the 1740s now available online

The National Library of Ireland have just launched the collection from their most ambitious digitisation programme to date. Over 390,000 digital images from the entire collection of Catholic parish register microfilms are now available online for free.

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