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duo of Irish soup Super Soup for Spring
By Margaret M. Johnson

I recently led a tour to Ireland and returned with a group of foodies and Ireland enthusiasts. They loved everything about Ireland, including scenery, weather (yes, six days of sunshine), people, and food, with one of the highlights being a "Taste of Traditional Ireland" class at chef Catherine Fulvio's Ballyknocken Cookery School in Gleanealy, County Wicklow. We made several dishes during our 3-hour hand-on tutorial including this "Irish Flag Soup," a combination of carrot and spinach soup topped with cream or crème frâiche. The patriotic green and orange soups are both a bit thicker than usual since they share the same bowl and are only separated by a dollop of white! The soup is perfect for a spring or summer lunch.

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Tributes pour in for Bill O’Herlihy
The island of Ireland has paid their respects to Bill O'Herlihy, Ireland's favourite sports broadcaster, when he died peacefully aged 76 on the 25th May, 2015.

Thousands of Irish from around the World coming #HomeToVote
Irish people are coming home in droves to vote in today's Marriage Equality referendum. Today, both the hashtags #voteyes and #hometovote have been trending on Twitter worldwide.

What's probably been happening in many households in Ireland this week
Martin's Life parodies what has probably been happening in many households around the country prior to the Marriage Equality referendum.

Only in Ireland
Where else would you see a man playing the Uillean pipes going home on the Nitelink?

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