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Obama's immigration plan offers hope for the undocumented Irish in the US
Obama took executive action and announced a new immigration plan which should help millions of undocumented immigrants come of 'out the shadows' and protect them against deportation.

The Picture House - Who wants to come to the Pictures with me?
Paul Butler Lennox, an Irish Filmmaker from Dublin has made a lovely and interesting retrospective documentary on the forgotten "Picture houses" from the perspective of patrons of Ireland's Capital.

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Beef Stew With Stout: Three Ways
by Margaret Johnson

Beef stew laced with stout is a perfect do-ahead dish, especially now that  summers behind us and were back to work and school. While the basic
ingredients are the same, these three versions produce remarkedly different stews. The  first, perhaps the most traditional, braises cubed beef first and follows with  the vegetables, stock, and Guinness. The second uses cubed beef thats been  marinated in Guinness overnight before cooking. The third, more like a beef pie
that a stew, has a soda bread crust. All three are delicious..

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Painted Clans are hand painted contemporary Irish crests. Each crest is researched and redesigned with a modern simplistic style keeping all the original elements that make up the crests. Each crest is then hand painted using acrylic paint making it one of a kind.

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This family register is where people can find and share information about their family name or ancestors.

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Irish Citizenship by Descent
Did you know that if one of your grandparents was born in Ireland, you may be able to obtain Irish citizenship? The Republic of Ireland does grant citizenship to applicants who can prove their descent from a grandparent born in Ireland.

Making a Research Trip To Ireland
If you plan to visit Ireland, I would encourage you to consider making a genealogical odyssey part of your experience of this beautiful and historical island.

More expert Irish Genealogy Advice

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Thank you Tony Locke for your wonderful Irish folklore & mythological stories.
We dare you not to feel a shiver down your spine when you read some of these stories.

A Druids Ghost.
There is a passage tomb somewhere in the west of Ireland where druids buried their dead in stone containers, is it possible that one of their number protects their sleep?

The Arney Woman.
Here in Ireland we have an old saying-“A man who dies owing money or a woman who leaves a newbornbaby will never lie quiet in the grave” Talk about making people feel guilty when they are at their most vulnerable?

The House of Mystery.
In the year 1975 a good, gentle man called John Murphy killed his entire family and then in desperation killed himself. Was it murder-suicide or was there some other darker force at work?

The Death Coach.
In Irish Folklore the Death Coach is known as Cóiste Bodhar (Koe-shta-bower), meaning death or silent coach and if you see or even hear it then either you or a close relative will die in the very near future. The belief is that once the coach has come to the land of the living it cannot return empty. Once death has come to collect there is nothing on earth you can do to prevent it.

Alexander Colville. The Devil Doctor.
Little is known regarding his actual history but his name has become a legend in the district and is still a byword for evil and witchcraft and he was considered to be an extremely cruel and tyrannical landlord.
The most famous tale, one that is still repeated today, is that he sold his soul to the devil.

Moll Anthony: The witch of the red hills.
Celtic society had a very strong impression of female power, indeed, many Celtic deities were female and women played a central role in Celtic society.

The Sluagh
The Sluagh are dead sinners that return as evil spirits that hunt for souls. They come from the west, flying in groups like flocks of crows and attempt to enter the dwelling of someone who is close to death in order to steal their soul.

The Wild Hunt.
On these cold evenings it seems an easy thing to sit by the fire with the lights out. Shapes and shadows flicker in the darkness, and it is within these shadows that you will find The Sluagh who forms part of The Wild Hunt

Gaoithe sidhe. Fairy wind.
This is a sudden gust of wind or a whirlwind that was thought to have been caused by the faeries.

The Changeling.
It appears that fairy women all over Ireland find birth a difficult experience. Many fairy children die before birth and those that do survive are often stunted or deformed creatures.

Winner of the June-December 2013 Aer Lingus FlyAway competition
Lisa Flanagan, flanagan, has won the FlyAway competition for 2 round-trip flights to Ireland from select cities.

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