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Apple Crumble Smoky {Dark Chocolate} Porter Cake
By Farmette, Imen McDonnell

Porter cake is a tradition in Ireland that started when it occurred to someone that a porter would make a lovely addition to the dark, robust flavour of the popular fruit cake. Since we aren’t crazy for the fruity part of Irish fruit cakes in this house, I kept the mixed spice, but left out the fruit and added some dark, dark chocolate. The end result is a rich, velvety, smoky chocolate cake that evenly carries the porter flavour throughout.

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Ireland 2016 Centenary Programme in the United States is launched
The programme will have over 200 political, economic and cultural events talking place across the USA where the Irish Embassy in Washington and Irish Consulates in New York, Boston, Chicago, Austin, Atlanta and San Francisco will play leading roles.

Homeless Irishman stuns busker and crowd with his amazing voice
A wheelchair-bound and homeless Belfast man Bernard Davey surprised a busker and onlookers in Leeds on New Year's eve by singing an incredible impromptu rendition of Summertime.

Passport Service’s most popular baby names in 2015
The Passport Service announced Daniel and Emily are their most popular names for infant passports in Ireland in 2015.

82-year-old Dublin granny knick-knacks on neighbour's door
This Dublin granny is videoed knocking on her neighbour's door and running away.

Skelligs fed into the Star Wars Universe

The Star Wars crew 'needed to find somwhere from another time and place' and when they were allowed film on UNESCO World Heritage site Skellig Michael, J.J.Abrams, director of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, said "I can't believe they let us shoot there. It was so beautiful".

Happy New Year Irish Clan Members & Other Friends
by Ariel O'Suilleabhain
Another year has gone by Irish friends, and a prayer for the following year ahead that this year goes by far much better than that strange dream of our previous one.  Let us join together however to usher each other forward on a journey of dreams fulfilled, wishes granted and miracles on tow for the year ahead, and as going house to house leave special blessings unlike any others ever before upon each home, and bless them all those sweet Irish ones for the gift of love soon to come nigh.

Irish guy Skypes his Parents after jumping out of an aeroplane
Roger, originally from Ireland, whilst on a trip around the world, jumped (literally) at the chance to take part in a 14,000 foot skydive with a twist!

#Missing You Call-out from RTÉ
A new RTÉ 1 documentary series is looking for enthusiastic contributors with a story to tell...

Róisín Seoighe Freedom Song
Damien Dempsey praises the talent of Róisin Seoighe, winner of Preda’s Freedom Day Song Competition 2015!

1970's Troubles of Northern Ireland
by Hugh Vaughan
Cillefoyle Park: Secret Negotiations for a Ceasefire is historical fiction based on actual incidents about a socialist activist/bar man torn between the possibility of politics and the violence exploding on the streets of Derry at the height of The Troubles in the early 1970's.

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