Irish World Stories: USA

Washington DC, United States
By Peter Burris
As the Capital of the United States and the home to seven major universities, Washington sees a lot of turnover. The transients, the climate, and the swinging pendulum of political fashion coalesce in a bit of identity confusion for the city -- we can't agree whether it's a Southern town, a Northern metropolis with fickle weather, or a frontier of no fixed geographic significance. more...
Cocoa, Florida, United States
By Iris Davis
Cocoa is 40 miles from Orlando, on the East Coast of Florida, and is home to some of the best beaches around. It is situated reasonably close to Disneyland, Wet and Wild, Universal Studios and many other attractions. more...
Long Island, New York, United States
By Frank Goodwin
All New York City leisure and culture mediums are within a forty-five minute drive/train ride. more...

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