12th July 2007

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Ireland's West: A life less stressed
Chasing the optimal balance between living, leisure and work? Then Look West. Shorter commutes, believable property prices, a more affordable cost of living, superb educational facilities, job opportunities where skill and experience matters... The West can give you all this and more. Clare, Galway, Mayo, Roscommon, Leitrim, Sligo and Donegal.
Click, look West, and put your life centre stage.

Father will take appeal for custody to Europe
An Irish unmarried father has said he will take the matter to the European Court if Irish law doesn’t rule in his favour.

Dublin Bay landmark under threat
They've become known as Laurel and Hardy the landmark Poolbeg chimneys which tower over Dublin Bay.

It’s a street life for Irish millionaire!
An Irish millionaire and his wife were forced to sleep rough for three nights on the streets of Kenya.

Irish Gov’t Funds Conflict Unit
The Irish government is to provide $34 million a year to fund a conflict resolution unit.

Dispute Over H-Block Future
An infamous landmark threatens to split the embryonic power-sharing government .

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Results - Mental Health: Do you feel that there is apathy towards problems relating to suicide and mental health? Yes 75% - No 25%

New Poll:Do you feel that further construction of the M3 motorway near the hill of Tara should be halted?
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Wedding bells to chime for Lindsay?
Lindsay Lohan was back to her Best as she left rehab to celebrate her 21st birthday.

Meryl Helps Belfast
Meryl Streep will lend her good name to Belfast’s Metropolitan Arts Center in an effort to help the establishment make up a £1.2 million funding shortfall.

What a Mess!

The rain and the muck didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the thousands who descended on the annual Oxegen music festival last weekend in Co. Kildare.


Dopey Yank Doesn’t Know Duddy
The last thing you expect to do on a Sunday night is Google an American boxing writer by the name of Don Stradley.

Time to Fight for Moore, Duddy
Wicklow native James Moore will take on Chris Overbey in an eight-round fight in the main event at “Punchin’ in the Paradise 4,” July 12 at the Paradise Theater in the Bronx.

McGeady Sets New Goals
Irish winger Aiden McGeady wants to improve his goal scoring rate when Celtic defend their Scottish Premier League title next season.

North by north west
“APART from the igneous and metamorphic strata of the Slieve Gamph, Sligo mostly sits on a carboniferous strata of limestone.”


Watercress Soup
Esther Dunne's Potato Cake
Coleslaw Salad & Blue Brie Dressing
Puréed Parsnips

A Thousand Splendid Suns
Pronunciation Corner
Under-20s World Cup

Can I Return?
"Having read your column on the Internet, I would like some advice on the following situation regarding my immigration status."

Save Tara Petition
Classed as one of Ireland’s most venerated prehistoric treasures, the Hill of Tara has been immortalised in Irish folklore for centuries.

Tickets to giveaway
Win tickets to the award winning play Tom Crean - Antarctic Explorer in New York.

Poster competition
Enter a competition to win one of six Idyllic Scenes of Ireland.

  Volunteer Correspondents Wanted
If you are Irish and living abroad and would welcome the opportunity to share your thoughts and experiences with a wider audience? contact feedback@irishabroad.com

A Comic Worth His Salt
Ardal O’Hanlon is describing Ireland’s economic doldrums in the 1980s and how they shaped his career. more...
Stars of the Southwest
It’s suitable that the Irish Cultural Center of Phoenix’s expansion plans were celebrated with an exhibit of one of the largest and finest private Irish art collections in the world. more...
Irish Writers Remembered
John McGahern, said that writing fiction is “linked to the realization that we’re not going to live forever and the way of saying and the language become more important than the story,”. more...

A Hectic Summer Social Life
Random and rambling as a long June evening, I continue my summertime meanderings, and this long one brings the whole clan back to the Fermanagh homelands.

Slowdown Starts to Bite
A Neighbor of mine put his house on the market towards the end of last year. It’s a prestigious beachfront property on the coast in north Co. Dublin.

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Ireland's Longest Serving Political Dynasty
At least five well-known Irish political families, made the successful transition from the old Irish Parliamentary party which sat at Westminster to those elected after 1918 who took their seats in Dáil Éireann.

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