West Loves Bono

November 19, 2008

The People Page by Debbie McGoldrick
KANYE West thinks he’s God’s gift to music, but there was a time, albeit brief, when he got plenty of stick for being a sore loser. It was a couple of years back at the MTV Awards, and West was ticked that he didn’t score one of the moonmen trophies despite being nominated in a ton of categories. He publicly stated his anger at the omission and received plenty of scorn . . . from most everyone except Bono and U2.

West was in Dublin earlier this month for a show, and he gave an interview to the Sunday World newspaper praised the band for standing by him.

“Bono took me under his wing and he believed in me. When I made my protest over not getting an award at the MTV Awards a couple of years ago, and nobody wanted to hear anything from me afterwards, Bono and U2 stood by me,” he says.

West, who played as an opening act for some U2 shows during their last tour, says he is “super-inspired” by Bono, who made sure Kanye’s Dublin hotel room was well stocked with Champagne and Guinness.

But does West like to chow down on one of Ireland’s most famous (and gut busting) dishes, the full Irish breakfast? Depends on what paper you read.

The Sunday World’s interview with the superstar said he wolfed down a plate full of Irish breakfast. But The Irish Times scribe said that during his sit-down with West, the hip hop king “looks warily at the full Irish breakfast on his plate. He glares at the glass of freshly squeezed orange juice as if it’s radioactive material, pushes it firmly out of view and conjures up a can of 7-Up instead.”

Seeing that no one in their right mind could possibly pass up a plate of Irish breakfast, we’ll go with the Sunday World’s take!

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