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Model’s Farrell Fixation

SUPERMODEL Helena Christensen is one of the world’s best known faces, but she’s also quite talented behind the camera as it happens. And like many females, she’d like nothing better than to get her hands on Colin Farrell.

Helena’s interest is purely professional, though. “Colin has a lovely big Irish face. There’s such expression in his eyes and around his mouth. I’d love to have him pose for me so I could capture all this in a photograph,” she told the Irish Star Sunday.

“He’d find I’m quite impatient because I don’t really want to waste time. I don’t really want to waste time.”

The multi-talented Scandinavian stunner has taken pictures of her famous friend Bono in the past, and would love to work with him on any project, at any time. No wonder, considering that she once called him the world’s most beautiful man.

“It would be great to work with a friend like Bono. He’s a very talented writer and I’d love to be part of any project he does,” she said.

Christensen made the trip to Ireland last week to promote breast cancer awareness. She was the second famous face to walk the red carpet at Dublin’s Brown Thomas department store in a week, and though her welcome wasn’t quite as frenzied as Pamela Anderson’s, her message was clear.

“I love coming to Ireland, I’ll come here for anything but this event is extra special,” she said during the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer event, which centers on the sale of designer t-shirts with bulls-eyes to raise funds for young women with breast cancer.

Christensen used the opportunity to meet up with old Irish pals, including Bono’s wife Ali and her partner in the Chernobyl Children’s Project charity, Adi Roche.


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