Famous Patricks


Our patron saint is not the only famous Patrick. Here are some other Patricks and Patricia's you may not have come across before

Many Americans will be familiar with former Democratic Senator for New York, Daniel Patrick Moynihan. Born into a proud Irish American family, it's no surprise that he ended up with such a middle name. And he was in good company! Legendary speaker of the house of representative, Tip O'Neill, was christened Thomas Patrick, and it was his initials, T. P. that gave rise to his nickname.

Moynihan is retired and O'Neill is deceased, but there are plenty of Patricks and Patricias in US politics. Out of 535 legislator in the US, 7 are Patrician in name!

They are Representatives Pat Tiberi, Patrick Kennedy, Patrick Toomey, and Patsi Mink along with Senators Patrick Leahy, Patty Murray and Pat Roberts

That's a pretty impressive Pat-ing average, when you bear in mind that out of 226 members of the Irish legislature, there are but 4 Patricks: TD's Pat Carey and Pat Rabitte and Senators Pat Moylan and Paddy Burke.

Indeed there has been but one President of Ireland named Patrick, Paddy Hillary, while our Prime Ministers have been called John, Jack, Sean, Eamonn, William, Liam, Garrett, Charlie, Albert, and Bertie, but not Patrick.

None of the current Irish football squad are called Patrick, although Cameroon, France and Holland all have players named after our saint in Mboma, Vieira and Kluivert.

The name is popular among sports figures in the US too, and not just among those of Irish descent. NFL boast at least two Patricks, Johnson of the ravens and Williams of the Bills.

Two giants of the game of Basketball go by the name of Patrick. The legendary Ewing was a New York Knicks stalwart for a remarkable 14 years and is still palying for Orlando Magic at the ripe old age of 39! Meanwhile Miami Coach, Pat Riley is credited with bringing showtime to the LA Lakers. He directed them to 4 NBA championships, before building first the New York Knicks and now Miami Heat into title contenders and hot tickets.

And speaking of hot tickets, Hollywood is no stranger to the charms of those carrying that most Irish of names. Remember that dirty dancer Patrick Swaze? And that Ghost with the most, Patrick Duffy from TV's Dallas?

And just as interesting are the leading ladies. Supermodel and actor Ms Velasquez is just that latest in a line of stars to go by the name of Patricia. Think of actresses Patricia Arquette and Patsy Kensit, or of Country queen Tricia Yearwood or 80's rocker Pat Benatar. Oh and did I mention Patty Hearst?

And while none of U2 or the Corrs go by the name of Patrick, many of Ireland's famous do. There's Paddy Moloney of the Chieftains and Patrick Bergin, the Dublin-born Hollywood B-lister, to name but two. Then of course there's singer Paddy Reilly who's name now adorns not just countless CD and records, but also one of the best Irish bars in New York.

Looking back through history, you'll come across the Irish revolutionary Padraig Pearse and leader in the 17th century of Ireland's wild geese, Patrick Sarsfield.

But there's no space to mention French chef Paddy Defoisgras or Chinese horticulturalist Paddy Fields. Never mind. I still think we deserve a Pat on the back!


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