Bandon is the largest town in West Cork and is regarded as the gateway to West Cork. The Bandon River Valley has the finest agricultural land in West Cork and, in a clean, green environment is grown and reared the raw materials that form the ingredientsof the food fare for which the area is famous. The Bandon region is very popular with anglers as there is great salmon and trout fishing in the area. It was established by the Great Earl of Cork, Richard Boule, who acquired vast estates in Munster in 1608, having arrived from England with no more than twenty pounds, a diamond ring, a gold bracelet and his clothes.

 Activities in Bandon

Bike Rental
Bicycle Hire J O Donavan

Game Fishing
Angling Bandon River

Golf Courses
Bandon Golf Club

Other Markets
Bandon Mart

Pitch And Put
Bandon AFC And Pitch And Putt Club
Bandon Pitch And Putt Club

Pottery And Craft Centres
Bandon Pottery Shop

Swimming Pools And Waterparks
Grove Leisure Centre Swimming Pool

Walking Routes Not Guided
Bandon Railway Walk


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