West of Glanworth lies Castletownroche on the Awbeg River, or the Mull River of Edmund Spencer's Faerie Queen. Extinct mammoth reindeer and `Irish Elk' remains were found in a limestone gorge here. The 13th c. Augustinian Bridgetown Abbey ruins are nearby. The abbey was once home to 300 monks and a medieval boarding school. In 1540 Henry VIII granted the abbey to an English soldier, Rob Brown. Castle Curious is 19th c. folly built by the local eccentric Johnny Roche, who also single-handedly built a wool mill and a flannel mill, made musical instruments and made false teeth out of cows hooves. He wrote his own epitaph:- "Here lies the body of Johnny Roche, He had his faults but don't reproach, For when alive his heart was mellow".


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