Ravensdale Village nestles along the southern slopes of Clermon Mountain and bordered on the South by a long valley formed by the Flurry river, the centre of a linen bleaching district throughout the 18th century. It is approached by the N1 road north of Dundalk branching right at a road junction at Annaskeagh waterworks, across the Flurry river to a Tjunction, turning right into Ravensdale. The townland of Dulgary to the right is possibly the Learga of the Tain Bo Cuailgne while a mile further on the gateway entrance to Clermont Patk is reached. Various lanes lead off the road up to the mountain side, one of which to Lissachiggel, a large ringfort in the townland of Dulgary. More than a dozen huts were found when excavated in 1940.

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