Glasson takes its name from the Irish word Glasan - a streamlet, and is known as the "Village of the Roses". A Victorian writer Mary Bannim wrote: "The houses are of picturesque build, and some are kept in the old style - smothered in roses and fuchsias; upon all are trained vines and climbing plants" This is still true today and it is a pretty picturesque place famous for its hospitality and features two olde world pubs and two first class restaurants. The old Glasson Schoolhouse dates from 1844. Itis a Tudor style, single storey schoolhouse with a characteristic "Tudor" arched doorway and hood mouldings on the windows. It is being restored and renovated as an interpretative centre.

 Activities in Glasson

Golf Courses
Glasson Golf And Country Club

Pleasure Cruising
Waveline Cruisers Limited
MV Goldsmith

Wineport Sailing Centre

Walking Routes Not Guided
Goldsmith Trail


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