Derry City, or LondonDerry as it is sometimes referred to, was originally called "Daire Calgaigh" meaning 'Oak grove of Calgach'. Calgach was a pagan warrior who had his camp on the 'island' of Derry in pre-Christian times. The name survived and the town grew until the 10th century when it became known as 'Doire Colmcille' in honour of St Columb. Over the following centuries this name became anglicised to Derrie or Derry. Situated in the North Of Ireland the city has had it's fair share of troubles in the past, ranging from the seige of Derry in 1688 where around 8,000 of the cities inhabitants died, through to the the 1968 civil rights movements which were prominent in these parts. There are a number of sights worth a visit in Derry, "The Tower Museum", "St Columb's Cathedral" and the "Amelia Earhart Centre".


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