Located about halfway between Portaferry and Newtownards on the lough shore, Kircubbin is a relatively new village dating back to the middle of the last century. It is an important commercial and service centre, with an attractive little harbour. Just outside the village is the tiny church of Innishargie, the mother church of Mid Ards and the most interesting, unrestored building in the area. Its ties go back to the early church in Ireland, with a clear link to the Order of Saint Benedict in AD 1200.A 13th century gravestone from Innishargie, known locally as the Black Abbey, is preserved at nearby Greyabbey. 'Cill Ghobain', translated from Irish means 'Saint Gobans Church'. Population, census figures for 1991 are 1,098.

 Activities in Kircubbin

Department Stores
Ballymanor Hall

Go Karting
Kirkistown Motor Racing Circuit

Other Adventure Sports
Chris Brickbeck Ireland Rally School
Race School Ireland

Kircubbin Sailing Club

Souvenir Shopping
Loughview Antiques


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