The name "Drumquin" tells it's own story as forming part of the lands of the great O'Neill and his clansmen, and it was mountainous around it as it's name suggests. But the early name of Drumquin according to Joyce on the authority of The Four Masters was Druimchaein or Pleasant Hill Ridge. Dooish nearby, a place were black fawns sported about. Perhaps when Dooish mountain was covered with primeval forest, these black deer roamed there in perfect safety. Dressogue points to the traveller that herewas another bushy place in old Tyrone. Legfreshy, a place situated in a lug or hollow of mountains were a stream or rivulet glides onward murmuring to the ocean bed. Langfield, a corruption of leamchoill or elm wood.

 Activities in Drumquin

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Loughs Brandan And Lee


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