The name of Liscannor is synonymous in Ireland with stone: numerous small quarries, usually worked by the farmer who owns the land, abound in the area. The stone has interesting 'worms' on the surface and is much used locally for floors, patios, paths , walls and even -occasionally- as a roofing material. It splits into thick slate-like slabs. However the 'worms' wear off in time from being walked upon. Liscannor has two other claims to fame, it is the closest town to the famous Cliffs of Moher - the highest sea cliffs in Europe- and it was the birth-place of John P. Holland (1841-1914) , who devised the idea of the submarine as a means of warfare, it was his hope that it might be used as a means of destroying British naval power.

 Activities in Liscannor

Game Fishing
Dealagh River


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