Milltown Malbay

The Irish name for this town means Village of the Stone Fort. Although it is inland, it takes it's English name from the nearby Mal Bay, which is linked with Mal. This was a fairy woman who pursued Cuchulain at Loop Head, and in an attempt to emulate the hero's long jumping abilities she drowned, and her body was washed ashore at Mal Bay. Like Kilkee it is an example of a Victorian resort, although it was some distance from the sea. It also is an example of early town planning, so the streets are laid out in a regular pattern which branches from a central main. It is famous for hosting the Willie Clancy Summer School, which attracts traditional piping enthusiasts from Ireland and abroad. This is held every year in July.

 Activities in Milltown Malbay

Game Fishing
Lough Donnell Annagheeragh River
Rockmount Lake Lough Keagh
Angling Aillbrack Lough

Golf Courses
Spanish Point Golf Club


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