Within the small Village of Lorrha in North Tipperary are the remains of a 6th Century Monastery, two abbeys, a holy well and a Norman Site. The First monastery in Lorrha was founded by Saint Ruadhan in 540 AD.The eastern banks of this monastery are still evident, as are the remains of two 8th century crosses which were later vandalised by the Cromwellians. Lorrha was plundered also by the Vikings. The 12th Century saw the building of a convent and church by the Augustians and a Dominican Friary which was built in 1266 by Walter de Burgo. Approximately 200m North of the present Church of Ireland are the remains of a 12th Century motte. The Motte stands some 4m high and was a purpose built defensive hillock on which a wooden tower was constructed.


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