The Village of Clarinbridge is south of Oranmore, on the Galway to Gort Road, close to the head of Dunbulcaun Bay, the most easterly inlet of Galway Bay. The name Clarinbridge derives from the bridge across the Clarin River and the river took its name from the plank bridge that succeeded the original hurdle crossing. According the PW Joyce, the name translates into Irish as Droichead and Chláirín, (the Bridge of the Little Plain). Other sources refer to the village as Ath-Cliath Medah-Raighe (the Hurdle Bridge of the Old District). Beside the Clarinbridge River there is an earthwork which is reputed to have been a medieval fortification. On the east coast close to the Ballynamanagh bridge, is Dunbulcaun, a ringfort with a motte-type, central mound.


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