One of the first castles west of the Shannon was erected here in 1203 by Walter de Burgo who siezed on a local church, and piled it with earth and stones before using this as a mound for a motte-and-bailey - type fort. From this stronghold he proceeded to plunder the surrounding countryside. In 1229 his son Richard built a proper stone castle on the site, which was in turn destroyed in 1316 by Felim O'Connor. In 1414 a Franciscan friary was established nearby by one of the O'Maddens; the community was dispersed at the Reformation, returned in 1680, was dispersed again by the Cromwellian Wars, returned 1686 and was scattered for the last time by the War of William and James. The remains was re roofed and are still used as the local parish church.


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