The name Oranmore derives its origin from the Irish words "UaranMor" which means "big spring". The well or spring is situated at the edge of the town under the bridge and at the corner of the station road. The spring well is known locally as "Tobernacallybeartha". There are many explanations given as to why it was thus named. The following are but a few: The cailleach bearach was a personification of the fertility goddess who was known to appear in many guises both, as an old hag and as a beautifulyoung woman. Some say that the well was called after her.

 Activities in Oranmore

Go Karting
F1 Karting

Golf Courses
Galway Bay Golf And Country Club Hotel Conference Facilities
Athenry Golf Club
Galway Bay Golf And Country Club

Health Farms
Galway Bay Health Farm Spa And Relaxation Centre
Health Farms Of Ireland Association


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