Foxford is situated on the banks of the river Moy, and is famous for being the home of blankets, rugs and fine tweeds. The Woollen Mills were founded by a Sister of Charity Mother Agnes Morrogh Bernard, in order to stem the flow of emmigration out of the area. There is a visitor centre which tells the story of the mills and tours are available in European languages also. The Foxford Way is a long distance marked walking route which covers a distance of 86km. The walk covers mountains, boglands, meadows, river banks and lake shores.

 Activities in Foxford

Game Fishing
Armstrongs Fishery
Beal Easa Fishery Leckee Fishery
Foxford Salmon Anglers Association
Clongee Fishery
East Mayo Anglers Association
Lough Cullin
Lough Muck
Callow Loughs
Lough Alone
The Foxford Lodge

Walking Routes Not Guided
Walking The Foxford Way


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